WHISKI is undoubtedly one of Scotland's premiere whisky bars and we have a genuine passion that has resulted in over 270 Malt whiskies in our bar gantry to choose from and this total does not include all of our blended whiskies and whisky liqueurs!, all available by the nip. We have simply too many whiskies to list here but we have rare, vintage and cask strength and all the major and lesser known brands including many from distilleries no longer in operation. The cult "BLACK BOWMORE" is available in the WHISKI bar, and only by special request at present, email us if you want to try it ...

OPENING HOURS:  Mon to Thurs - 10:00 - 01:00 (am) Fri - Sun - 10:00 - 01:00 (am) 

Our whisky list is growing all the time so give us a visit and we will find one to suit your taste ..

We stocks all the major spirit brands, large selection of speciality spirits aswell as fine wines and champagne from around the world.

 Current Malt Whisky Offerings

Simply too many to mention - come in and see our lists at the bar, we will have something to your liking... and if there is something you want to try that we don't have, send me an email and let me know and it will be added to our list of potential new additions.

Draught Beers

Tennents Lager 
Guinness Extra Cold
Caledonian 80
Deuchars IPA
John Smiths Extra Smooth

Speciality Beers, Lagers & Ciders
We have a fabulous range of Scottish craft beers and ciders - see our drinks list below - we are adding to our range all the time, ask staff for our current selections

Wines & Cocktails

We offer all of our white and red wines by the glass and have a diverse range on offer.

Our Whisky Cocktail list is going down a storm, all whisky cocktails with many new concoctions aswell as variations on old favourites such a Monkey Mojito & Lagavulin Mule to name a few - give them a try...

See you in WHISKI soon ...

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Our latest taster's experience of the Black Bowmore -

" My limited tasting descriptive ability would say that I first noticed the sweet sherry on the nose and taste. I also got a spicy (like sweet cake spice, not hot spicy) after swallowing. The finish was full (not quite sure how else to put it - the tastes I just described seemed to cover your mouth) and smooth - and sorry I did not put any water in as I didn't really have enough (I am not usually a water person to the chagrin of many whisky folk). All parts from start to finish were excellent. I wish it wasn't so good because it really makes me want to open my bottle and share it - maybe one day (and that's why I came to try yours anyway!). " Tod Hull, Jacksonville, Florida (Iron Mountain Whisky Club)